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The Sinoville Community Policing Forum (CPF) is a body mandated by Sections 18 to 23 of the South African Police Service Act No. 68 of 1995 and the SAPS Interim Regulations for Community Police Forums and Boards. The Sinoville CPF (SCPF) is established under the Sinoville Police station and is divided into 4 sectors.

              Sector 1 – Annlin, Magalieskruin, Sinoville and Wonderboom.

              Sector 2 – Montana, Montana Park, Montana Gardens and Montana AH.

              Sector 3 – Bon Accord, Haakdoring, Pyramid and Waterval South.

              Sector 4 – Doornpoort.

The Sinoville Community Policing Forum (SCPF) fulfils a vital role in society, in assisting law enforcement officials in the fight against crime through effective sector policing.

What is Sector Policing?

Your platform to work in partnership with the police to address the root causes of crime in your area.

The aims and objectives of sector policing are to:

              Prevent the occurrence of crime.

              Encourage visible and accessible policing by known local police officials.

              Bring the South African Police Service (SAPS) closer to the community.

              Work in close cooperation with the local community.

              Enhance interaction between the community and SAPS.

              Establish partnerships with the community.

              Enable the SAPS to understand local problems by identifying and assisting in addressing the underlying causes.

              Render a quality service with the support and approval of the local community.

              Improve trust and confidence in the SAPS.

              Enhance police accountability to the community.

              Improve service delivery to the community.

  •               Enhance a free flow of information between the SAPS and the community to improve the SAPS’ response time, investigation,           conflict resolution and the community’s trust in the SAPS.

What is the role of the Sector Commander?

Each of the 4 sectors of the SCPF is appointed a Sector Commander.

              To mobilise the community in the sector to take action against local crime together with the SAPS.

              To liaise between the community of the sector and their local police station.

         To act as a crime prevention officer, which involves being responsible for all plans and projects to address crime in the sector.

What is the role of the community?

              To take ownership of community policing.

              To support the SAPS in the implementation of sector policing.

              To attend the sector forum meetings.

              To share crime related problems/challenges identified at local level with the SAPS.

              To jointly identify solutions to address these problems/challenges.

              To discuss action plans with the Sector Commander to combat crime and causes of crime in the sector.

              To participate in neighbourhood initiatives.

              To safeguard the area in which you live and work.

              To act as the eyes and ears of the SAPS.

              To report suspicious behaviour to the members of the SAPS at the police station.

Operational functions of the SCPF

              The eyes and ears of the SAPS.

              If the need arises, effect a citizen’s arrest in terms of section 42 of the Criminal Procedure Act, 1977 (Act No 68 of 1977).

              Performing patrol duties that will serve as a crime deterrent.

              Preserving crime scenes when first on the scene.

              Facilitating good relations in the neighbourhood.

              Rendering a voluntary service.

              Reporting crime and crime in progress to the SAPS.

              Creating crime prevention awareness among members of the community.

How does each sector operate?

They work closely with SAPS to ensure the safety of our community. Each sector has an emergency phone which is manned 24/7 and a  radio network which is also manned 24/7 by a radio operator under the call sign Control 1,2,3 or 4. These radio operators have been trained to deal effectively with situations that may arise.

They have ad-hoc patrols running as frequently as possible and more structured patrols are done over the weekends. They also do joint operations with the SAPS and have assisted in several arrests and other success stories.

In keeping with the white paper on Community Policing we strongly promote sub-forums in the form of neighbourhood watches.

How to become involved in the CPF?

Residents are invited to become involved in the Sinoville CPF and become part of the bigger SCPF family.

Residents must apply for membership in the sector where they reside. Links to the 4 sectors are available on the website. The criteria for membership are:

              You must live in your particular sector.

              You cannot have a criminal record.

              You must have a valid South African ID or permanent residents permit.


As a CPF member you can become involved by doing regular patrols during the day or evenings, control operator duties, participation in SAPS organised operations, support to victims of crime incidents, charity work, fund raising activities, etc. Complete training is provided for radio users, patrollers and control operators.


For more information on how to get involved, please contact Annatjie Coetzee on 083 387 3386 or by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..